Youngsters help raise money for little sister with cerebral palsy

Three UK children are organising a ‘fundraising extravaganza’ in an effort to raise money for their sister, Felicity – an eight-year-old living with epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

Josh (14), Ben (12) and Ellie (10) Wright, who live in Norfolk, are helping to set up a fundraising event at their local village hall, which will feature prizes, games and a raffle.

The event isn’t the first time the trio have put their heads together in attempt to raise money for their little sister.

Last year, the youngsters managed to raise thousands of pounds for Felicity by organising a tombola and a cake sale outside of their mother’s workplace.

The money they managed to raise paid for a specially-designed tricycle and an outdoor sensory garden for Felicity, which the eight-year-old greatly admired.

However, in recent years, Felicity has outgrown the beloved tricycle – which is why her family are hoping to raise enough money to buy her a replacement.

“We need to get a trailer trike that Felicity can use by herself. We can take the front wheel off and connect it to an adult bike,” Mrs Wright, Felicity’s mother, explained.

“It would mean absolutely everything to her, and an awful lot for us to go out together.”

Felicity’s condition prevents her from walking too far and causes a number of problems with her balance.

However, her family are convinced that the right kind of trike could help to eliminate this problem.

“As a family we cannot do anything physical together, because Felicity is always in a wheelchair. She can walk short distances but only on very level ground,” Mrs Wright said.

The family will be hosting their latest fundraiser at Corpusty village hall on Sunday 7 October 2018.

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