Youngster with muscular dystrophy benefits from ‘space age’ wheelchair

A youngster living with muscular dystrophy has managed to get his hands on a new, ‘space age’ wheelchair following a hugely successful fundraising event.

Harvey Thompson, Cornwall, has a rare kind of muscular dystrophy which prevents him from being able to get around without the aid of a wheelchair.

However, Harvey is a huge sports enthusiast, with a passion for Table Tennis and other sports, meaning that being able to move around freely is particularly important to him.

In recent days, the 13-year-old has been enjoying a “changed life” after he managed to raise enough money to purchase a Segway-inspired wheelchair which allows for greater flexibility and independence.

Harvey’s mum Melissa, said: “It’s been brilliant, it’s changed his life at school. He doesn’t have to rely on his PA to get around. It means he’s independent.

“Now it means we can go out again as a family and we don’t have to worry about Harvey being pushed. Now we have to keep up with him!”

The family managed to raise their money by appearing on BBC Radio Cornwall to promote their campaign and talk about Harvey’s condition.

“Harvey is really happy at the moment. He’s suddenly a massive celebrity, everyone wants to stop him and ask him about the chair,” Melissa said.

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