Youngster with cerebral palsy training to tackle famous surfing event

A teenage boy living with cerebral palsy is hoping to travel to California to take part in a world-famous surfing championship this winter.

Ethan Jolosa, South Wales, was first diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was just 18-months-old.

As a child, the youngster suffered from severe muscle stiffness, which he has since managed to overcome following a series of operations.

The now-13-year-old has managed to defy his condition and discover a passion for surfing, a skill he has been perfecting now for almost 18 months.

But the ambitious teen, who has already competed in two UK-based surf competitions against other people with disabilities and learning difficulties, it hoping to take his newfound skills across the Atlantic.

Having come second in both championships, Ethan is eyeing-up the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Adapted Surf Open in California, which is due to take place between 12 December and 16 December.

“It would mean so much to me to be able to represent Wales in California,” he said.

“All my practise and the competitions I’ve already competed in have been leading up to this, so I’m going to give it my all.”

Ethan’s mother, Leah Jolosa, has set up a Go Fund Me fundraising page in a bid to help the ambitious surfer realise his dreams.

“We’re trying to cover as much of the costs as possible. We’re trying to get sponsorship from companies and organisations,” she said.

“We’ve had a small donation from inland surfing company The Wave, and the Alder surfing brand has agreed to fund the cost of his wetsuit and surf-wear.

“The Welsh Surfing Federation has shared the appeal on their Facebook, which is great of them.

“The surfing community has really banded together,” she said.

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