Young hockey lover with cystic fibrosis calls on children to join charity tournament

An 11-year-old girl living with cystic fibrosis is encouraging other children to take part in an upcoming hockey tournament in aid of a prominent charity.

Phoebe Bolton, Lancashire, is a huge sports and outdoors enthusiast, who has always been determined to push herself beyond her limits despite her condition.

Last year, she scaled two of the UK’s highest peaks, Snowdon and Ben Nevis.

In recent years, she has also signed up to Preston Hockey Club and developed a serious passion for the sport.

“My favourite exercise is hockey and my dream be to become a famous hockey player,” she said.

“Playing hockey makes me feel normal – like I don’t have a condition.

“Having cystic fibrosis involves at least an hour of exercise a day and it can be challenging but it’s what I need to do to be healthy,” she says.

Currently, the ambitious youngster is gearing up to host a local hockey tournament at the club – a fundraising event which Phoebe is hoping will raise money for prominent charity, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

“I will never let my condition control my life and hopefully one day I will be the first cystic fibrosis girl to play for England.

“Hockey is my life and always will be.”

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