Young girl with cerebral palsy to tackle triathlon with father

A young girl with cerebral palsy will tackle a triathlon alongside her father – using custom-made equipment developed by a think tank.

Poppy Jones, ten, will take on the Cardiff triathlon using equipment designed by the Cerebra Innovation Centre – which will allow her father to push and pull her around the taxing course.

The Centre have successfully adapted chairs, typically used in Paralympic competitions, to suit the young girl, who was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is unable to stand, sit, roll or support herself unaided.

“Taking part in this triathlon is so exciting for her and psychologically it will really benefit her,” said father, Rob Jones.

“She gets so frustrated at the limits her condition puts on her and this will really focus her mind on what she can do.

“Poppy doesn’t think ‘I can’t’ but rather ‘with a little help I can’. I’ve got my work cut out though as Poppy doesn’t want to just take part – she wants to win!”

The duo hope to raise money for Cerebra, a Carmarthen-based children’s charity geared at supporting young people with brain conditions.

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