Young football fan with cerebral palsy wins writing competition

A 10-year-old boy living with cerebral palsy has been hand-picked out of more than 25,000 children as the winner of a nationwide writing competition.

Brecon Vaughan, Monmouthshire, submitted an “inspirational” poem to the competition – which was run by the Premier League – earlier this year.

Participants has to write a short poem on the theme of ‘resilience’, explaining in just a few words what resilience meant to them.

Trying his luck at the competition – which was judged by top Premier League stars such as Chelsea legend Frank Lampard – Brecon explained within his short poem that, to him, resilience meant “bouncing back, not giving up and perseverance.”

But the youngster, who is himself a huge football fan, was very surprised when he was contacted by judges and told that his poem was exactly what the competition was looking for.

“I thought it was inspirational, I loved the rhythm of it and it’s exactly what we were looking for,” said panel judge Caleb Femi.

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