Young boy with ultra-rare Rett Syndrome enjoys day full of “special moments”

A youngster living with ultra-rare Rett syndrome has experienced a number of “special moments” all in one day, thanks to kind visitors from his local police force and fire service.

12-year-old Juanca, who lives in Spain, was delighted to receive surprise visits from the police and firefighters of his home town of Seville, after his mother Remedios pulled a few strings.

The youngster, who was born with Rett syndrome – a rare genetic disorder which affects brain development and can cause severe physical and mental disability – is one of only four recorded male cases of the ultra-rare condition, which is normally found in young girls.

After Remedios wrote a touching letter to Seville’s Delegation of Security, Mobility and Major Holidays, Juanca was visited by a fire engine and a group of firefighters who helped him to live his lifelong dream of being a firefighter himself.

The young boy was also able to experience life as a police officer, after he received a second surprise visit, this time from his local police force.

Juanca was able to take a ride in both a fire engine and a police car in the same day, and received an official police force shirt from Policia Local Sevilla officers.

Commenting, Juanca’s mother Remedios, said: “Just hearing the sirens pass and his face brightened with his smile.”

Juan Carlos Cabrera, leader of the delegation who helped Juanca’s dreams come true, described the day as being full of “very special moments” for the youngster.

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