World Record attempt in aid of schoolboy with cerebral palsy

An experienced martial artist will attempt to break a Guinness World Record to raise money for a young boy’s physiotherapy.

Lee Ashman has announced that he intends to complete 200 rounds of kickboxing in succession, with only a minute’s break between each bout.

The 39-year-old has agreed to attempt to achieve the bruising feat in order to help eight-year-old Jacob Fletcher, who has cerebral palsy.

Lee, from Witney, Oxfordshire, has admitted he expects to get a few butterflies as the date of the May challenge approaches.

“I’m not too nervous at the moment but I expect I will be as it gets closer,” he told the Oxford Mail.

“It helps that there’ll be plenty of people there to cheer me on and that I’m doing it for a good cause.

“People have been quite impressed when I’ve told them what I’m doing but they have said they’d rather it was me than them. I’m just going to set my mind on that Chinese I’ll be having afterwards.”

Lee agreed to take a tilt at the current World Record after meeting Jacob at the freestyle martial arts course he runs at a local primary school.

The youngster, who doctors originally feared would be unable to walk, underwent specialist surgery in America some four years ago.

Following on from the operation he has had to have continuous physio to ensure that he reaps the full benefits of the procedure.

Mum Lucy Fletcher said: “Jacob has made massive progress and we need to keep it going. He couldn’t walk at all, even with some kind of support, and now he can with quad sticks.

“He’s done amazingly well and we’re very proud of him. And it wouldn’t have been possible without physiotherapy.

“What Lee’s doing to help is great. We do an hour-long martial arts course and that’s tiring – so for him to do 10 hours’ worth is amazing.”

The fighter has a history of charity challenges; he had previously completed 100 kickboxing rounds to raise money for an arthiritis charity which had helped his own son Adam, who has the condition.

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