UK couple on fundraising mission to help twins with cerebral palsy

A UK couple has managed to raise more than £7,000 to put towards life-changing operations and physiotherapy for their two-year-old twins, who have both been diagnosed with rare forms of cerebral palsy.

Joel and Zara Coady are hoping to raise a total of £30,000 to fund a specialist operation for their son, Lennon, who has spastic diplegia – a rare form of cerebral palsy which stiffens his legs in such a way that he struggles to move.

Lennon’s twin sister, Layla, has also been diagnosed with cerebral palsy alongside a deletion in the 6P chromosome which causes developmental delay.

Mr and Mrs Coady hope that their fundraising campaign will enable them to pay for physiotherapy and future care costs for the two children.

Mrs Coady said: “They are both happy children. Because of the development delay between them, they don’t behave as twins, but Lennon treats Layla like a little sister.

“She has global development delay and when she went for her two year check-up, they said she had the development age of someone who was nine to 13 months,” Mrs Coady added.

Reports suggest that Layla is the only child with the rare condition that London’s famous Great Ormond Street Hospital is currently aware of.

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