Toddler with cerebral palsy completes charity challenge

A three-year-old boy living with cerebral palsy has managed to raise money for a prominent charity by completing a popular charity challenge.

Elliot Coates, Stoke on Trent, took part in the Mow Cop ‘Killer Mile’ run this month using a small powered wheelchair to complete the route.

The youngster, who has cerebral palsy, is ordinarily unable to “walk or stand on his own,” mum Leanna Coates says.

However, in recent months, charity Designability has supplied the toddler with the ‘Wizzybug’ – a specially designed electronic wheelchair which Elliot recently used in order to complete the race.

By doing so, the youngster single-handedly managed to raise £260 for the charity, after attracting the generous donations of friends, family members and more.

Mum Leanna Coates, said: “Wizzybug has helped Elliot so much. We wanted to raise money for the charity to support them and Elliot has loved taking part.”

Elliot’s father, Phil Coates, added: “Cerebral palsy can affect children in different ways, for Elliot there is no muscle growth in his legs.

“It’s really important for us that he’s a part of the community and for him to feel involved.

“The charity is reliant on donations and we want to help them. The Wizzybug has given him a real lease of life.”

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