Teenager with Rett Syndrome benefits from portable hoist

A teenage girl living with ultra-rare Rett Syndrome has been gifted a portable hoist by a prominent charity, which will help her to move around more freely with her family.

Cassie Twohigg, Buckinghamshire, was first diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at just two-years-old, after family and medical professionals began to realise that she was having difficulties meeting typical child development milestones.

The soon-to-be-14-year-old, who lost the ability to walk and talk independently when she was four, has undergone serious spinal fusion surgery in an effort to rise above her disabilities.

This operation has enabled Cassie to be moved around the home more safely by her mother and sister – but the duo still have difficulty lifting the teenager without extra help, or transporting her outside the house.

Fortunately, this will all change in the years ahead, after children’s charity React donated a portable hoist to Cassie and her family, which will enable them to take her out and about.

Since the hoist was received, the teen has benefitted from much safer trips to and from her local hospital, and has also enjoyed a holiday away with her family – where she was able to go in a swimming pool.

Tracie Twohigg, Cassie’s mum, said: “The charity React is a godsend. As Cassie’s full-time carer I cannot afford to hurt my back and a portable hoist is the only way we can safely transport Cassie out and about.”

A spokesperson from the charity added: “Most teenagers take everyday independence and freedom for granted and cannot imagine the physical confinements an illness can have. For Cassie, the reality of living with Rett Syndrome is a daily part of life for her and her family.”

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