Teen with cerebral palsy conquers one of Scotland’s highest peaks

A teenage adventurer with cerebral palsy has successfully reached the peak of one of Scotland’s highest mountains, with the aid of an innovative support device.

Ms Natasha Lambert, 19, who uses a wheelchair to aid mobility in day-to-day life, took advantage of a specially-designed walking device in order to conquer the 1245-metre peak of Cairn Gorm.

A dedicated team of friends, family and mountain safety advisors climbed alongside Ms Lambert on her journey to the summit – which was plagued by hail, strong weather conditions and 25mph winds.

Aided by an all-terrain Hart Walker, a device designed to assist people with mobility difficulties, Ms Lambert managed to conquer the climb in just five and a half hours.

“Both Natasha and her support team showed a huge amount of drive and determination to succeed in their goal of reaching the top of Scotland’s sixth highest mountain,” said mountain safety advisor, Heather Morning.

“It was a privilege and a pleasure to spend the day with such an inspiring and determined team.

“The day really highlighted to me that, with the right attitude, however many hurdles are set in your way, anything is possible,” she added.

In previous years, ambitious adventurer Ms Lambert has sailed crossed the English Channel, circumnavigated the Isle of Wight and guided a yacht from Cowes to central London – all in aid of charity fundraising.

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