Stroke can affect young children too

A toddler described as ‘one of Britain’s youngest stroke victims’ is recovering from potentially life-saving treatment in hospital.

Ronnie Kerman, who is just 20-months-old, was rushed into hospital last month after parents were devastated to find that his body had become ‘floppy and lifeless’.

After suffering a stroke, the youngster had to undergo a series of treatments – including having shunts fitted in his skull to drain fluid from cysts in his brain.

Doctors discovered that the youngster had a non-cancerous tumour, which also had to be attended to via chemotherapy.

The treatments young Ronnie underwent effectively saved his life, but unfortunately, these painful operations have also left him blind.

“He can’t see anything at all. I found that really heartbreaking. He will potentially never see again,” father Phil Kerman told the Daily Mail.

“I can deal with the brain tumour and him going through chemo, but the thought of him not having his sight is just heartbreaking.

“Me and my wife have broken down crying a few times and we both just want to cuddle him and do everything a parent should do with their child,” he said.

“We don’t know what happens next but he is being observed every hour and is receiving the best possible care at a fantastic hospital.”

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