Star Wars fanatic to raise £50k for daughter with cerebral palsy

A UK man and Star Wars fanatic has pledged to raise £50,000 to make home improvements for his five-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy.

Jan Evans, Lancaster, hopes to raise the funds for young Neave Evans through hosting a succession of Star Wars themed events in the community – the first of which has already taken place at a local Tesco supermarket.

Jan, who hopes his fancy dress fundraising initiatives will raise enough to fund adaptations to his home, such as hoists and wheelchair access, opened up about Neave’s condition.

He said: “Neave’s disability means she has great difficulty sending messages to her arms and legs, she struggles to control her head and cannot do anything herself. She is fed through a tube in her stomach and is reliant on care 24/7.

“We need to raise the money to make Neave’s home life more comfortable. Neave is growing and my wife and I are constantly caring for her. She needs to be carried upstairs daily for baths and bed and downstairs facilities would be fantastic.”

Jan’s next Star Wars themed get-together has been organised for 26 November.

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