“Spider therapy” makes all the difference to youngster

A schoolboy with cerebral palsy is learning to walk again with the help of a pioneering form of therapy.

Eleven-year-old Lyncoln Street was born with the movement disorder and a year ago had an operation down in London to reconstruct the arches of his feet.

But when the procedure went wrong, the youngster was left having to rely on a hoist and wheelchair to travel around.

The setback led Lyncoln’s family to raise money for special “spider therapy” sessions in Colchester.

The treatment plan isn’t as unpleasant as it sounds and takes its name from the eight elastic bungees which are a core part of the therapy.

Lyncoln has signed up for physio sessions using the equipment and his family are overjoyed that the programme has already made a massive difference to his mobility.

Mum Simone said: “We decided to do weekly sessions with money raised instead of an intense course, because we thought it would benefit him better to have consistent therapy instead of one block- he’s come along in leaps and bounds.

“We will do some more fundraising when the funds get low, so it’s an ongoing process.

“We feel amazing and can’t be more grateful. Lyncoln is so determined and working hard every week.”

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