Smiling photo of four-year-old with cerebral palsy takes social media by storm

A photo of a young cerebral palsy sufferer taking his first shopping trip has gone viral on the internet this week.

The news comes after four-year-old Leon Hart, who is unable to speak and cannot walk unaided, visited Asda for the first time with his mother – all thanks to a specially-adapted trolley.

Jodie Torevell, Leon’s mother, shared a photo of her son’s joy on Facebook – which has since attracted an astonishing level of attention on social media.

Jodie, a mum-of-six, had previously shopped solely online until she discovered Wythenshawe Asda’s specially-adapted trolleys.

“He cannot sit up unaided and that’s why he could never go into a shopping trolley. He would always just fall to the side. There has been lots of online shopping over the four years because of it,” she said.

“I saw the trolley in a corner locked up near to where all the other trollies were and I presumed it is new because I haven’t seen it before.

“It’s specially-adapted to hold his body up. I have seen them in America but haven’t come across them over here.

“He loved going around – he absolutely loved it. He was so happy and chuffed to be able to do what he sees others do. It’s a minor thing to many, but to him it’s massive. It really made his day.”

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