Seven-year-old with cerebral palsy chases footballing dream

A young boy with cerebral palsy is chasing his dream of one day becoming a footballer.

The parents of seven-year-old Chase Wells, Bexhill, were once told that their son may never be able to walk due to his condition.

But nine weeks of intensive physiotherapy involving the regular use of a ‘Spider’ device have enabled the budding footballer to move and exercise freely.

Mother Candice Wells said: “It broke my heart as I was told Chase may never walk or be independent.

“But since Chase started Footsteps this year his balance has improved so much.

“He is learning to walk with flatter feet and his hips are more in line with his feet and shoulders which has hugely improved his posture”.

The clever ‘Spider’ device, which consists of a series of elastic ropes which help to hold Chase in perfect posture, allow the seven-year-old to move freely while simultaneously being safely supported by the device – which effectively creates a ‘spider’s web’ all around him.

Since using the device, Chase’s posture has improved significantly.

The Bexhill boy now hopes to one day find success as a footballer for his local Brighton Cerebral Palsy team.

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