Sensory garden created for young teen with cerebral palsy

A group of kind-hearted volunteers have created a ‘sensory’ garden for one young girl living with cerebral palsy.

Previously, Shakira Johnstone – who is unable to walk unaided – could not play in or venture out into her garden, due to its loose stones and uneven ground.

But that problem was quickly solved after group of generous gardeners descended on her Edinburgh home to build the young teenager a ‘sensory’ garden that she can enjoy.

The project was organised and led by nearby charity WellChild, which, through its ‘Helping Hands’ programme, specialises in transforming the bedrooms, gardens and living spaces of young people with challenging health needs.

Lee Trunks, head of the Helping Hands programme at the charity, said: “The idea [this time around] was to give Shakira a nice level safe place, which she can access in her wheelchair or her walker.

“It will make a huge difference.

“Since she’s been here she’s been unable to get out in it at all,” he said.

The 13-year-old is unable to speak or walk due to the severity of her condition, and her mother, Tracey, hopes that her newly-designed garden will go a long way to “help her live a much fuller life.”

Tracey Johnstone said: “I’m so grateful… She’s going to be out in it all the time now.”

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