Respite Care

Health and social care professionals understand that the stress of caring for someone with complex needs can lead to family members and other informal carers themselves becoming physically or mentally ill, putting a further strain on families as well as the NHS and social services.

That is why there is a provision for the NHS and local authorities to make available respite services so that family carers can recharge their batteries.

EnViva Paediatric Care’s managed respite service

EnViva Paediatric Care’s respite service places paediatric professionals into the homes of children to give families a well earned break.

Respite care is also provided when, for example, a single parent has to go into hospital and their child is put in the care of relatives who may be unfamiliar with their complex needs. Respite care (and related services) may involve any of the following scenarios:

  • Children stay at home with a professional while parents are out at work or away for the day
  • Children stay home with a professional while family carers have some time to themselves
  • Children go away for a respite break accompanied by their regular nurse or carer
  • Children go with their parents on a UK holiday or day trip (e.g. to attend a wedding) and continue to need the services of a professional carer

If local funding is not available for respite EnViva Paediatric Care can agree private terms with families.