Respite Care – Young Adults

Health and social care professionals understand that the stress of caring for someone with needs can lead to family members and other informal carers themselves becoming exhausted, putting a further strain on families and relationships as well as on NHS and social services.

NHS trusts and local authorities often provide respite care for the families of sick and disabled people in the community, so that carers can recharge their batteries.

Respite care may be provided when a family carer has to go into hospital and no other relative can help with their loved one’s complex needs, or when the rest of the family finally finds the time to go away for a few days. It can also be provided for just a few hours so carers can visit friends, enjoy a pastime or go to work.

EnViva Paediatric Care’s respite service works in partnership with CCGs and local authorities to place professional care workers and registered nurses into clients’ homes to give families a well earned break. If local funding is not available or clients receive direct payments EnViva Paediatric Care can agree service delivery with families.