Home from Hospital

EnViva Paediatric Care’s style of Managed Homecare can enable people to leave hospital earlier and readjust better to life at home.

As well as the reassurance this offers children and their families our nurse or carer will look after the child’s personal care and health needs, including monitoring progress and pain control, operating medical equipment, such as ventilators and tubes and liasing with local health professionals.

We will work closely with doctors to facilitate the earliest possible discharge and meet with hospital staff for a professional ‘handover’ before accompanying you safely home.

As well as the reassurance being at home offers sick children and their families, agency managed care frees up your own resources and places a valuable professional liaison in the home.

EnViva Paediatric Care will put together a small team of staff, providing consistency of care that begins with a professional handover from the hospital. Service can last for just as long as it’s necessary.