Mia’s magnificent effort raises thousands for charity

A ten-year-old girl was determined that her cerebral palsy wouldn’t get in the way of a charity challenge and defied the odds in order to learn to ice skate.

Mia Thorne has congenital hemiplegia, a condition which leaves her heavily dependent on a wheelchair and prone to disc dislocation. She also has to cope with fatigue and a perpetual weakness down the right side of the body.

Given these symptoms, medical experts warned that learning to skate would put an immense strain on her body and she was forced to increase her twice-daily physiotherapy sessions.

It took the schoolgirl, from Pontypridd, in Wales, three months of training sessions to get to the point of being able to balance and she needed several days of recovery after each of her practice sessions.

Undaunted by the difficulty level, Mia said: “It has to be hard to get people to sponsor me.”

And finally all the hard work paid off when the young fundraiser crossed the ice and scored a penalty at the Cardiff Ice Arena, cheered on by a crowd of appreciative ice hockey fans. Her efforts have helped raise more than £6,000 for other youngsters with disabilities.

“It was really hard because I fell a lot doing it and I hurt a lot learning to skate,” Mia told the BBC.

“But when I finished my challenge I felt really happy because I managed to score my first ever goal on the ice.”

Proud mum Karene said it was a moment she never expected to see.

“When Mia was diagnosed at 18 months the doctors said she would never walk and that we’d be lucky if she spoke in full sentences,” she said.

“She is one stubborn, determined girl – her ice challenge shows that. She is an inspiration but it caused me a lot of sleepless nights as I do worry about her.”

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