‘Life-changing’ operation for young boy with cerebral palsy

A ‘football mad’ young boy living with cerebral palsy has managed to undergo a potentially life-changing operation after his family and friends were able to raise several thousand pounds for his cause.

Jacob Buckett, Bournemouth, was recently told by doctors that he was at risk of being wheelchair bound for life.

But the youngster, who is determined to achieve his dream of being able to walk and play football, is currently recovering in hospital after his family and friends were able to raise the funds needed for a selective dorsal rhizotomy (sdr) procedure – which has the potential to restore the function in his legs by up to 75 per cent, according to reports.

Patsy Hallmey, trustee of charity the Dorset Children’s Foundation, helped Jacob and his family to raise money for the expensive operation.

Fundraisers have so far been able to raise £25,000 – which just about covers the operation itself – but more money is needed to help young Jacob with his recovery.

Ms Hallmey said: “Although he can wiggle his toes, his legs are very weak and this is why it is essential that Jacob has two years of intensive physiotherapy.

“He is determined to work so hard to gain his dream of walking.”

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