Life-changing fundraiser for girl with Rett syndrome

A high street store has donated money raised from 5p carrier bag sales to one young girl with Rett syndrome – who has managed to purchase a life-changing piece of equipment from the proceeds.

In collaboration with UK charity Newlife, a branch of River Island in Crewe has managed to raise £1,314 for a specialist rotating car seat for four-year-old Amelia Simpson.

Amelia has Rett Syndrome – a rare neurological condition which impairs brain development and can cause serious physical and mental disability.

Prior to dreaming up the campaign, Newlife had heard that Amelia’s mother Jill had suffered a serious back injury in recent years – and struggled to take Amelia out in the car.

“Because of her mobility issues she isn’t able to offer any assistance and relies on us entirely. As she is approaching five now, and getting bigger all the time, we were looking for a rotating car seat to help us negotiate her in and out of the vehicle,” said Jill.

But now, the charity campaign has successfully made transporting Amelia fast, safe and hassle-free.

Jill said: “It’s incredible. Amelia is obviously very comfortable in the seat and getting her in and out is much easier and safer.

“It’s a long-term solution and makes sure that she is correctly positioned to avoid the early onset of scoliosis.

“It has been an incredibly difficult time receiving the diagnosis and contemplating Amelia’s future challenges. With so much to consider it is incredible to receive such valuable support. We are genuinely appreciative of this scheme”.

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