“Life-changing” computer for boy with cerebral palsy

A “life-changing” computer with the ability to read eye movements has enabled one seven-year-old boy born with severe cerebral palsy to communicate with his parents for the first time.

Nathan Main, Northumberland, is unable to walk, sit up straight or talk due to his condition.

But the latter has all changed since parents Steven and Tracy Main were able to buy him a Tobii EyeGaze computer, which allows Nathan to communicate with them using nothing but his eyes.

Mrs Main, 43, has said that the £4,000 computer has been “life-changing” for young Nathan – and that she is currently seeking a new software package for the device with a wheelchair attachment which will enable Nathan to use it outdoors.

“We’re starting to really see how much he understands about what’s going on around him and communicate what he’s thinking or feeling,” she said.

“The equipment has changed his life. He just seems a lot happier and it has given him more independence”.

The family’s next mission is to raise £15,000 to fund essential home adaptations for Nathan.

Mrs Main added: “As my little boy is now becoming a big boy, things are becoming really difficult and it is very hard for us to carry him up and down the stairs.

“Lifting him in and out the bath is becoming nearly impossible so we need to have major adaptations to our home and specialised equipment put in for him so we can care for him safely.”

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