Ingenious seat makes a massive difference to young cerebral palsy sufferer

A specially-designed seat has proven to be the perfect Christmas present for a little girl living with cerebral palsy.

Seven-year-old Evie Hopkins has a form of the movement disorder which affects all four of her limbs and means that she struggles considerably with both her balance and mobility.

Previously she could not sit without toppling over, which made even everyday activities a struggle for her and her family, who hail from Swansea, Wales.

Now however, the youngster is reaping the benefits of an ingenious form of seat which has been christened the “Scallop”.

The precision-engineered piece of equipment is the brainchild of Keira Gywnn, a product design graduate from the University of Wales Trinity St David.

The 23-year-old had the chance to develop the seat, which has adjustable sides, alongside R82 – a firm that specialises in children’s seating, standing and mobility aids.

Evie’s dad Jason said: “I really can’t overestimate the difference it’s made. It’s just been an absolute life-changer for her.

“Just the smallest things in life, it’s just made it that much easier. And you wouldn’t believe the difference.

“It’s brought her confidence, she’s more engaged with us as a family and we’re doing a lot more as a family than previously we would have been able to do. So it really has made such a positive impact on her life.”

Keira, whose innovative ideas have helped land her a full-time job with R82, said: “I visited many families and institutions while developing the product. It was incredible and so heart-warming to see a product that I had designed impact a child’s life in such a positive way.”

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