Girl with cerebral palsy given Mo Salah shirt after presenting an emotional speech

Sally, aged 10, from Liverpool, attends conductive education classes at cerebral palsy charity Stick ‘n’ Step. Recently, she received a Mo Salah shirt, thanks to the kind actions of a Widnes businessman.

Operations Director of Yield UK Ltd, Tony Gibbons bid on the shirt for £600 at a fundraising auction held by Stick ‘n’ Step.

Stick ‘n’ Step hosted a golf tournament at the Runcorn Golf Club, where 20 teams of four took part in the 18-hole competition. On the evening, family and friends enjoyed a barbeque and entertainment, which included the charity auction.

Sally was one of the speakers that evening and Tony was so impressed and moved by her speech, he visited Stick ‘n’ Step’s Runcorn centre shortly afterwards to present her with the Mo Salah shirt he had won.

He said: “I was not aware of the extent of the charity’s work before taking part in the hugely enjoyable golf event. However, listening to Sally and her family talk opened my eyes to the impact the charity has on the lives of the children it helps. Sally’s story was so heart-warming; I was thrilled to be able to present her with the shirt.”

Chief Executive of Stick ‘n’ Step Amy Couture said: “It costs £4,500 to cover the cost of one child using our facilities and services for a year at one of our two centres in Runcorn and Wallasey.

“Fundraising events like this are a great way for us to raise money and get even more closely involved with the community. It was fantastic to be able to hold our first Runcorn golf tournament, almost a year after we opened our centre here and we are very grateful for all the support we are receiving locally.”

Stick ‘n’ Step offers support to children with cerebral palsy and their families, the charity allows children to gain skills they need to live independent lives, totally free of charge.