Five-year-old pens book about living with cerebral palsy

A youngster living with cerebral palsy has penned a book about her day-to-day life, with the goal of helping other children to better understand the condition.

Elan Williams, Wales, initially wrote the book at just five-years-old.

“When I was younger I had problems because I wasn’t allowed to go in an electric wheelchair back then so everybody was fighting over who would push me around,” she recalls.

“Everybody was asking me questions… but by now I have got pretty used to it,” the now-nine-year-old said.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio Cymru, the youngster explained the thought process behind the book.

“It was stuff like pictures about different disabilities, information about how my limbs are affected and how autistic people’s minds work differently,” she said, pointing out how the book addressed other common child disabilities, too, as opposed to just cerebral palsy.

Elan’s mother, Ceris Williams, is campaigning to get the book used in schools all across the country, in an effort to raise greater awareness.

“Things have been very natural for Elan in school and we would like every school in Wales to be like that in the way they have supported us really,” she said.

“In places like America and maybe other places in the UK, they come along with a booklet about themselves explaining the challenges they experience during the day and how they can get over that.

“I think it is important for parents to talk to their children about other children with disabilities.”

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