First disabled child passes ballet exams

Chloe Henderson, 10, suffers from cerebral palsy and has previously been told she would never be able to walk again. Doctors also told her she would definitely not be able to pursue her dream of being a ballet dancer.

Life has thrown a fair few obstacles at Chloe, but her response has been incredible.

“Scratch that!” she said, “I’m going to do ballet and I’m going to prove you wrong.”

She became the first disabled child to pass her pre-primary ballet exams with the Royal Academy of Dance.

“When I do ballet, I kind of feel like I’m in a world where I’m not different”, she said.

This young inspirational girl attended the WellChild awards, organised by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, where she won an award for the most inspiring girl in the age category of seven to 10 years old.

The charity helps seriously ill children and their families.

Chloe also helps care for her twin brother, Jack, who has a much more severe form of cerebral palsy. Jack can’t walk and struggles to talk but despite this, the twins are very close.

Chloe says that WellChild recognises that “even though we’re different, we are still special.”

When asked how excited she was to meet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex out of ten, her response was 10, before adding, “ten million trillion”.