Fears that daughters could have inherited rare form of Muscular Dystrophy

A mum who was recently diagnosed with a rare muscle-wasting condition is facing a painful wait to discover if her two girls carry the same gene.

Wendy Hamilton says that her daughters Sophie and Aimee, aged 14 and nine respectively, are a tremendous help with the day-to-day chores that she now finds too difficult.

But apart from coming to terms with the impact of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy on her own daily life, the Oakenshaw mum is concerned that her children may also develop the condition in the years to come.

Speaking to the Telegraph and Argus, Mrs Hamilton said: “I know that my muscles will waste away over time and eventually I will, no doubt, be in a wheelchair.

“I’m waiting for a muscle biopsy at Bradford Royal Infirmary which will detect which sub-type of Limb Girdle I have which will also tell me whether my children carry the gene. That is my biggest, upsetting concern.”

Mrs Hamilton, who was forced to give up her job as a parish secretary at a local church following her diagnosis, had been confirmed as having the condition after back and hip pain grew so severe that she had to crawl to get upstairs.

Around 1,400 Britons are living with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, which affects areas of the body between the knees and neck.

“Muscular Dystrophy came as a massive shock,” said Mrs Hamilton, who is 46. “No one in our family has had it but I found out there are types of the condition that are passed on in genes. Many never manifest. It can be passed down the generations without people knowing.

“Some people might have only mild symptoms because of it while others will end up in a wheelchair. I guess I’m a bit unlucky.”

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