Family launch fundraising appeal for young sons with Cerebral Palsy

A British family has launched an appeal for help to raise £100,000 for their two three-year-old twins, who suffer from Cerebral Palsy and are unable to walk.

The twin boys, named William and Arthur Warner, were delivered at just 28 weeks old, and suffer from spastic diplegia – a form of Cerebral Palsy common in premature babies and multiple births.

But experts at London’s Great Ormond Street hospital have offered William and Arthur a life-changing operation which could help the unfortunate three-year-olds to walk unaided.

The downside is that the complex surgery is not available on the NHS and would cost approximately £50,000 per child to undertake – to fund both the operation itself and the intense physiotherapy which would be required afterwards.

“As a father you dream of them playing sport, and just seeing them being able to stand up and make themselves a drink, and brush their teeth.

“Really that is our first goal and walking would be a bonus if that comes later on,” said Simon Warner, William and Arthur’s father.

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