Family hopeful that SDR operation will help youngster with cerebral palsy

The family of a young girl who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy following a series of birth and child development complications is hoping to raise money for a potentially life-changing operation.

Leonie Hadley-Wilkinson, Lincolnshire, suffered a “traumatic” birth which went “dreadfully wrong,” mum Vicky Hadley recalls.

The now five-year-old had to spend three months in hospital recovering. In the following years, Ms Hadley soon began to notice that something wasn’t quite right.

Leonie was unable to sit, crawl, or eat properly during her early years as a toddler, Ms Hadley recalls.

After consulting medical professionals, the youngster was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and curvature of the spine.

In efforts to “help her limbs and get them to move more freely,” Ms Hadley and family members have since been in talks with experts at Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham – where they were told that Leonie might benefit from a complex procedure known as a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), which is not available on the NHS.

“The SDR operation is not guaranteed to make her walk as she cannot walk without her pacer or by holding her, but she tries – which is amazing in itself,” Ms Hadley said.

“It will be beneficial in other ways which are an everyday struggle for her.”

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