Family hope that pioneering procedure could make all the difference for six-year-old Lucas

A mum and dad have launched a £16,000 fundraising campaign to raise money for a procedure which could transform their little boy’s life.

Six-year-old Lucas Stafford was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and the condition, which affects all four of his limbs, means that he has to rely on a wheelchair to get about.

In fact, the youngster’s condition is getting steadily worse. Constant pain means that he requires medication several times a day and even the most basic tasks are proving a major challenge.

“When he asks why he can’t walk, like everyone else, it just breaks our hearts,” said dad Steven.

Lucas’ parents hope that an operation could make a massive difference to their son’s quality of life, although because the surgery is not available on the NHS they are having to raise money to cover the costs of the treatment themselves.

Mum Susan said: “The stiffness in his arms and legs would go completely, and we would be able to train him to go to the toilet.

“There would also be a 50/50 chance of him walking with the help of an aid, such as sticks or a type of Zimmer frame. We cannot waste this opportunity because Lucas has never taken a step in his life. His disability would still be there, but life would be much easier. He would be able to get himself dressed and join in with things. He would be a lot more independent.”

The family, who have set up a website to help in their endeavours, have currently raised more than £2,000 towards the operation.

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