Courageous youngster’s remarkable progress

A young boy with cerebral palsy – who doctors suggested would never be able to walk – has defied the opinion of medics.

After receiving life-changing surgery and a rigorous programme of physiotherapy, Garin Murphy can not only stand on his own two feet, but hop, skip and even kick a football.

The Welsh schoolboy’s progress has astounded his family, who received the devastating news that he had the movement disorder when he was just two-years-old.

Reflecting on the diagnosis, father Ashley said: “I started going through his life in fast forward, how is it going to affect him in school, how is it going to affect his education, job, how is it going to affect his relationship with other people, all this was like going through my head.

“When you get told a major thing like that…I know it wasn’t life threatening or anything but, you know, it does knock you for six.”

Garin underwent selective dorsal rhizotomy, a pioneering procedure which isn’t at present available on the NHS but was carried out at Bristol Children’s Hospital after the family managed to raise £60,000 to fund the operation.

Now aged six, the youngster has responded remarkably well to the surgery, which involves cutting nerves in the lower spine.

Explaining the difference that the treatment had made, Garin said: “I couldn’t really stand or walk on my own and I needed support for everything I did with my legs.

“It was really life changing for me because I knew that I could be capable of doing things that I couldn’t do before.”

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