Computer allows young girl with rare Rett Syndrome to communicate using her eyes

Young Selena Campobello, three, suffers from ultra-rare Rett Syndrome – a condition known to deprive girls as young as 18-months of the ability to talk, or to control their muscles.

But Selena’s life has recently been completely transformed by a ‘miracle’ computer, which has enabled her to communicate with her family and friends using nothing but her eyes.

Designed by Swedish manufacturer Tobii, the computer has complex sensors which are able to register eye-movement and enable Selena to ‘click’ onto images and letters to tell her parents how she is feeling.

Pre-programmed images cover basic needs such as hunger and illness – but the machine is also able to talk for Selena and assist her in her school work.

Selena’s mother, Joanna, is calling upon the Government to make Tobii’s ground-breaking machines more readily available to other Rett Syndrome sufferers – through some form of Government-backed scheme, discount or fund.

Mrs Campobello said: “This computer gives children a voice and their voices need to be heard. We all need to work together in partnership as a society to achieve this.”