Child who suffered strokes in the womb able to move thanks to special wheelchair

A £6,000 specialist wheelchair has enabled a one-year-old stroke survivor to move unaided for the first time.

George Clements-Siddall underwent a series of strokes following a fall by his then pregnant mother. The accident damaged the placenta and it was revealed in a post-birth CT scan the boy had lost the use of around a quarter of his brain. The injury was a direct result of undergoing multiple strokes.

This left George unable to move on his own, which raised concerns for his future development. Evidence has shown that the earlier a child masters independent movement, the better it is for their all-round development.

An occupational therapist working with George came up with the idea of him trying out the special, powered wheelchair. This enabled him to move independently for the first time. However, the wheelchair is not provided by the NHS and the boy’s parents are hoping to crowdfund the £6,000 required to buy the chair outright – an aid that will last until he is 10 years old.

Speaking about the positive effect the wheelchair would have on her son’s development, Susannah Clements said: “Enabling George to know that he can reach a toy from across the room without help or enabling him to choose to catch up with his brother in the park changes his expectations of life. It changes the way they think.

“At the moment I am just really keen to tap into George’s full potential. I just want to make sure he gets as far as he can. The brain has got so much potential to rewire but you just need to give babies that stimulus.”

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