Charity football match raises thousands for muscular dystrophy

A charity football match organised by the family of a boy with Becker muscular dystrophy has managed to raise thousands of pounds for charity.

The event was just one of many fundraising events organised by parents Phil and Julie Loosen, in a bid to raise money for their son, Harrison.

Harrison was first diagnosed with the muscle-wasting disease when he was just four years old, but his parents have since set up the Hope4Harrison campaign under Muscular Dystrophy UK – which has already managed to raise more than £10,000 in its first three months of fundraising.

“It’s a case of getting as much money as we can until the scientists can find a cure,” said Mr Phil Loosen.

“EVERY pound counts, as you never know which pound could be the one that finds the cure for Harrison.

“As I love football, it made sense to organise a six-a-side tournament that families and friends could all get involved in.

“It was quite an emotional day, it really showed how generous people and kind people can be.

The Loosens’ charity football match managed to attract more than 250 people to Thatcham Town Football Club in Newbury – many of whom made very generous donations to the Hope4Harrison fund.

Anneke Liefting, of Muscular Dystrophy UK, said: “Hope4Harrison have raised an astonishing £10,000 in their first three months of fundraising.

“This is enough to fund one entire months’ worth of research into Becker muscular dystrophy”.