Charity football match hopes to raise money for young boy with muscular dystrophy

UK fundraisers are in the process of organising a charity football match for a four-year boy who has a rare muscle-wasting condition.

Stanley Newman, of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, suffers from congenital muscular dystrophy – a condition which his family say is slowly weakening his body day-by-day.

Stanley’s parents, Rob and Laura Newman, are hoping to raise enough money to purchase a hydrotherapy pool which they say will make a “large difference” to the youngster’s life.

Father, Rob Newman, said: “I used to take Stanley swimming twice a week as it is an important part of his therapy.

“[But] warm water in a hydrotherapy pool will help Stanley use the little strength he has left on a daily basis, as the water takes up to 70 per cent of his body weight. It would make such a large difference to the health of Stanley and make him a happier little boy”.

Last year, local charity Essex Hands heard Stanley’s story and were inspired to help Rob and Laura to achieve their dream of purchasing a special hydrotherapy spa to set up in their garden.

Marion Knight, founder of Essex Hands, said: “His condition is very close to my heart as my great niece also suffers with a similar disease”.

The charity is currently in the process of organising a charity football match in order to raise money for Stanley’s cause.

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