Boy with severe cerebral palsy achieves ‘breakthrough’ ability to read and write using his eyes

A young boy with an ultra-rare form of cerebral palsy has achieved a “breakthrough” ability to read and write using only his eyes, thanks to innovative technology paired with his mother’s commitment and support.

Jonathan Bryan, ten, has suffered from severe cerebral palsy since birth – leaving him unable to communicate, or walk.

But through modern technology and the help of his mother, Chantal, Jonathan has learnt to select words from spelling boards using only his eyes – and has subsequently written poems and several short stories.

“It was a breakthrough. I can’t describe what that’s like to be able to talk to your child for first time,” said mother, Chantal.

Jonathan’s achievements have already stretched to short story competitions, blogging and campaigning.

Using his spelling boards, the ten-year-old has written a letter to Education Minister, Nicky Morgan, calling for increased support for non-verbal children in Britain’s schools.

“My dream is that every child like me is taught to read, write and spell using the best access method for them,” said Jonathan.

“They are waiting locked in for someone to give them a chance to have a voice”.

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