Boy with muscular dystrophy eyes up Disney World dream

An eight-year-old boy who was recently diagnosed with muscular dystrophy is hoping that an online fundraising initiative launched by his parents will pay for a dream trip to Disney World later this year.

William Hagg, Norwich, was diagnosed with the muscle-wasting condition shortly before Christmas, on so-called ‘Black Friday’.

The eight-year-old’s mother, Vanessa Hagg, said: “We got the diagnosis of muscular dystrophy on Black Friday which meant it really was a Black Friday for us. I was shocked when I got the diagnosis – we are still in shock”.

According to reports, William had always suffered from serious mobility problems prior to the diagnosis, and had never been able to run, jump, swim or ride a bike.

Initially, the youngster was diagnosed with hypermobility. But since his muscular dystrophy diagnosis, parents Vanessa and Gary fear that William’s condition could eventually affect his heart and breathing muscles.

Mrs Hagg said: “Everything changes after the diagnosis. William’s life’s dream was to be a racing driver and it is heart-breaking to know he won’t be able to achieve his dream”.

William’s parents have launched a charity campaign to fund a family holiday to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, in June – which has so far attracted a surprising amount of attention on the internet.

“I was completely blown away by the response to the online fundraising. The support has been amazing and makes you realise what a special little boy he is.

“The fundraising is for him, not us.

“We need to get him to Disney World while he is still moving,” she said.

William’s father, Gary, 48, added: “As a parent you want the best for your kids. It is about trying to readjust your expectations so things are achievable for him”.

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