Boy with cerebral palsy to benefit from experimental treatment

A boy from the UK is flying to the US to undergo a revolutionary new treatment that could ease his cerebral palsy symptoms and improve his quality of life.

Suffering a collapsed lung at birth, oxygen starvation led to brain damage and Jay Shetty’s subsequent diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Unable to sit upright or perform functions other children take for granted, the seven year old could be the first child from Britain to benefit from a therapy currently unavailable in the UK.

The stem cell treatment uses the blood drawn from the umbilical cord of a sibling, which is injected into the recipient. A study, involving 63 children, showed an improvement in the movement of those who had undergone the injections after a year.

The child’s younger brother will be providing the blood and the family are paying £10,000 for Jay to take part in further trials of the therapy at Duke University Medical Centre, North Carolina.

The boy’s mother, Shilpa Shetty, hopes that the treatment will have some effect.

“Any percentage of improvement will be great. We are not hoping he is going to walk and run and have a full life, like everybody else. We just want him to have as full a life as possible [..] to be independent and not dependent on anybody.”

The family are due to fly out for seven days on March 11th.

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