Award-winning bodybuilder with cerebral palsy hopes to inspire younger generation

A British bodybuilder with cerebral palsy hopes to inspire the younger generation and those with physical disabilities with his story.

When he was first diagnosed with the condition as a child, Mr Steve Alexy, Suffolk, was told by doctors that he would never be able to walk.

But the now 43-year-old has since gone on to win six trophies in international bodybuilding competitions organised by the Organisation of Competition Bodies (OCB).

In a recent interview with ABC news, he said: “I wish those doctors could see me today”.

Mr Alexy says that he lives by the motto, “I may have a disability, but I am not disabled” – and hopes that his ongoing successes in his chosen field will inspire other people with physical disabilities to take a similar approach to chasing their dreams.

More specifically, the ambitious bodybuilder has said that he would like to see more people with disabilities across the UK pushing themselves to compete in demanding physical sports and activities.

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