Care Funding

EnViva Paediatric Care offers managed homecare and nursing services to sick and disabled children and young adults who need assistance to live safely at home. We assist people all over London and beyond who qualify for local authority funding, who pay for care privately or through insurance companies, Direct Payments or NHS Continuing Health Care personal budgets.

This page features links to a few websites you may find helpful.

Sources of Funding

NHS Continuing Care

Continuing health care funding from the NHS may be agreed for local residents who need significant and on-going healthcare or other support in their own homes. The child’s nursing needs are assessed and additional care, over and above that provided by statutory services may be agreed. Recipients have a say in what type of care they receive and who provides it. The care might be provided directly by the NHS or by their preferred provider (such as us)  or you could apply for a personal budget allowing you to spend your continuing care money exactly as you wish (see below). If you and your local health authority choose EnViva Paediatric Care to manage your child’s needs we will work closely with you and the local nursing team to deliver top quality, personalised care.

Direct Payments

If you receive Direct Payments from your local council  you will get money from them to manage your own care needs. This will give you great freedom to organise your support the way you like it. You’ll have responsibilities too, which might include managing your rotas, writing your care plan, training staff, paying wages and other employer responsibilities, though you can appoint a professional organisation to help you with these. EnViva Paediatric Care offers ’staff hire’ services to recipients of Direct Payments, such as a staff member to join your daily rota or ad hoc support for when one of your own team goes on holiday. We also offer a care plan development service. Please get in touch to talk through the options.

Personal Budgets

People who get NHS or local authority Continuing Care and who want more control over their support services can opt for a Personal Budget. With this option you can engage an independent organisation to provide care staff and manage your needs. If you choose EnViva Paediatric Care as your provider we would (with your full involvement) help interview, select, train and pay your staff, manage your weekly rota and write and update your care plan. You would have the final word on every decision. NHS Personal Health Budgets became a “right to have” under English law in October 2014.

Long Term Financial Care Plans

If you want to finance long-term care needs yourself there are a number of schemes you can consider:

  • Equity release schemes
  • Annuity based schemes
  • Interest-only, shared appreciation or roll-up mortgages

EnViva Paediatric Care is not qualified to give financial advice and we recommend that you consult an Independent Financial Adviser before purchasing such products.

Further Information

Here are links to some websites that may help people research funding for care services. It is not a complete list and we make no claims about the accuracy of information found on third party sites. We do not endorse any one provider of financial services.

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