£3,500 fundraising boost for youngster with cerebral palsy

A young girl living with cerebral palsy has received £3,500 towards potentially life-changing surgery, following a successful charity event organised in her local community.

Leonie Hadley-Wilkinson, Lincolnshire, is hoping to undergo a selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) operation which will help her to walk unaided and relieve the tension and tightness she feels in her legs.

However, the operation – which is not available on the NHS – costs approximately £35,000.

In recent years, the five-year-old’s family have been trying to raise money to fund the surgery, along with the essential physiotherapy Leonie will require afterwards.

“SDR surgery will relieve a lot of the tension Leonie has in her limbs. As she grows, her limbs are being pulled tighter and it is causing her a lot of pain,” Leonie’s mother, Vicky, explained.

Fortunately, a local charity dedicated to raising awareness of cerebral palsy across Lincolnshire has stepped in to help.

The North East Lincolnshire Cerebral Palsy Society recently helped to organise a prominent event in Leonie’s name – the ‘Leonie Rumble Ball’.

The event, which attracted famous faces and local businesses alike, was hosted by a nearby law firm and featured a presentation from BBC Look North presenter, Philip Norton.

Through a live auction, balloon raffle, silent auction, music, entertainment and more, the Ball managed to raise an impressive £3,500 towards the five-year-old’s cause.

Speaking on the big night, Vicky said: “If it goes well then she could walk. It has been amazing what with all the support we have had in the last five months.

“I can’t believe that we are nearly there.”

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