11-year-old with cerebral palsy takes “tiny little steps” after pioneering treatment

A young girl living with cerebral palsy who travelled overseas for pioneering stem cell treatment is celebrating taking “tiny little steps”.

The family of Holly Greenhow, Cambridgeshire, have returned from a trip to the USA which saw Holly undergo experimental stem cell injections, a “complex science” yet to go through clinical trials, but thought to have great benefits for people with cerebral palsy.

The treatment, which is unavailable on the NHS, cost the Greenhow family £10,000 and mother Fiona says that 11-year-old Holly has made a “huge improvement” since the procedure.

Holly, who has had cerebral palsy since birth, experiences difficulties with her movement, balance and speech.

But since the stem cell therapy, she has demonstrated increased muscle control, a greater vocabulary and improved vision. Holly has also even managed to take a few “tiny little steps,” Fiona says.

“To suddenly see some tiny little steps is wonderful and it just gives us hope for what might happen in the future,” she adds.

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