11-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer writes letter to PM about funding cuts

An 11-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer has written a heartfelt letter to the Prime Minister pleading with him to intervene after the NHS refused to fork out for his life-changing operation or his aftercare.

Ben Baddeley was left to rely on the generosity of strangers after his treatment was cancelled due to Tory cuts.

Now his parents are having to find a further £2,000 a month for vital physiotherapy treatment after his operation was paid for privately.

He wrote: “I found my mam crying and she told me the NHS had sent me a letter saying my operation was cancelled. Why can’t the NHS pay for my treatment – do you know why? And please can you fix it?”

Parents Gary and Amy Baddeley have to pay the money every month for £150-a-session physiotherapy three times a week, as well as extra cash to buy him equipment, because the youngster’s operation was performed privately.

Ben’s cerebral palsy meant he had misfiring nerves causing constant tightness in his legs.

The operation involved opening the spine to cut out nerves which were not working to improve his movement.

But the surgery was only carried out privately because cash-strapped NHS bosses cancelled the operation which allows him to walk unaided.

Now the schoolboy, of Silverdale in Staffordshire, is pinning his last hope on David Cameron intervening in the dispute.

In his four page letter to Mr Cameron, Ben added: “I had my photo taken for the paper (the Mirror) because my mam and dad said we were doing an appeal.

“After my photo was in the paper a really kind man and lady paid for my operation. After the operation I knew that I had to work hard on rehabilitation but I thought the fundraising would be over.

“But my mam and dad still have to work hard to pay for my rehabilitation… I really hope you get this letter because my family really needs help.

“We are always busy fundraising so we miss out on family time quite a lot and that is sad.”

Mrs Baddeley, 31, said: “Ben has written to the Prime Minister to ask why his surgery was cancelled and why he isn’t allowed rehabilitation on the NHS.

“Currently his last paid-for treatment session is on March 28. After that we’re not sure what will happen.”

Since his life-changing operation, Ben has made amazing progress.